Where to Travel Next ?

Seems crazy, I know, that I’m asking this question since I just came back from Disneyland for spring break, but I can’t stop thinking about where to travel next.  It’s really like an itch I woke up with this morning and like an itch, I must pay attention to it.

Where to travel next?

Where to travel next is not an easy question to respond.  It is really going to depend on many different factors including:

  • When can we travel next together?
  • Can I go on a solo trip, which is always an option?
  • How much time do we have to travel?  Is this a 3-5 day or more like an overnight trip?
  • What’s our travel Budget?

With our busy lives, sometimes it’s not the matter of wanting to travel, or having the money to travel, but do we have the time to travel.  Ben and I are both super busy at work with our professional lives, but also at home with our mixed family of 6 kids; which is why we often choose to do long weekend getaways instead of long week trip.

In the next sections of the post, I’ll go through each of these existential questions, to show my decision making and thought process when deciding where to travel next.

When can we travel next?

I wish I had an unlimited amount of time to travel the world, I really do.  The reality is that we don’t.

where to travel next

In looking at our calendars I have realized that it’ll be very difficult to travel together on a 3- 5 days weekend getaway until the end of May, because Ben has a business trip coming on in April, and then it’s his daughter’s first communion which overlaps with his mom’s visit, and that put’s on in May.

May is a good month because it’s Ben’s birthday and the beginning of summer.  I’ll mark it down as a possibility.

Another thought is that I could travel solo or travel with one of my kids for a short trip before then.  I must say though that I really like to travel with Ben.  We are great travel partners, thankfully!

By being open to the idea of a solo getaway, I have a couple more weekends to go somewhere.

So now that I have a timeline, I need to start thinking about how long can we travel for?

How much time do we have to travel?

Again, looking at other prior commitments in our calendars, both work-related or personal, it seems like this will be another 5 – 6 days trip at most; that is of course if we are talking about the end of May.

I really don’t mind at all doing a 5-6 day long trip especially after our Sydney getaway when we were able to prove to ourselves that we can do a getaway basically anywhere around the world, and it would be completely worth the time and money.

If I decide to go solo, with one or both my older kids or with some girlfriends, then we are talking about 2-3 days instead.

What’s our travel Budget?

where to travel next

This is obviously a question you need to ask yourself every time you are planning a getaway or deciding where to travel next.

Don’t forget to add:

Generally speaking, Airfare and Hotel will constitute most of your travel budget, as the other things are always optional or can be arranged and planned in a way that fit the rest of your budget.

I always know exactly how much I can spend on a trip.  That’s part of the secret that allows me to keep traveling as much, because I don’t get surprised with a huge bill after the trip, and if I’m getting close to my budget during the trip, then you can decide if eating at that fancy restaurant is more important than going on your next trip.

Knowledge gives you power.

Where to Travel Next – the decision

Obviously the decision of where to travel next it’s a very personal one.  I’m a firm believer of following your dreams and making sure whatever decision you take, makes you happy. where to travel next

One thing that would facilitate making the decision of where to travel next, is having a bucket list of places to go, but also of things to do.

Many times, my decision could be to go back to a place I’ve been many times like Hawaii, but in that case, I’m fulfilling not so much the where to travel next bucket list, but instead, the list with things that make me happy and reward myself.

After writing this post I came back with 3 possible trips I can make in the near future:

1. Weekend getaway with my son. I’m considering giving to my older son as a birthday gift a day with mom of uninterrupted attention, away from home.  Just him and I, doing something fun.  This is more for me than him, but it’s a reason to travel for sure.

2. Weekend getaway with my girlfriends, because I haven’t seen them in a long time and I miss them a lot.  My girlfriends live in Panama, so probably somewhere centric for all of us; like Vegas for example.

3. Longer getaway with Ben for his birthday.  Ben has never been to Panama and I know he would love to go deep sea fishing in Panama, plus visiting the Panama Canal and going to islands in both the Pacific and the Caribbean.  That seems like a great birthday gift for him too.


When you start exploring where to travel next as you saw in this post, many possibilities start arising and there are usually many factors you might have to consider in order to make your decision.

where to travel next

I think I will spend some time writing about how to make a good budget journey and a travel bucket list to help your decision in the future, but for now I hope at least at a high level have shown you that there is a way to narrow your decision.

There are so many places to go, but even if you chose to go to the same places over and over, I’m sure there are new things to learn and discover

The important thing is not where to travel next, but to actually enjoy life and make memories.

Remember, Life is a getaway!


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