Waikiki Best Restaurants and more

Food in Waikiki is amazing, take the word from this foodie.  In this post, I’m sharing with you Waikiki Best Restaurants and more (from our May 2019 trip).

Also, all these restaurants are within walking distance of the Sheraton Waikiki.  You can read that review here, and so if you choose to stay there you know that the world is within your reach.

Waikiki Best Restaurants for Breakfast

If you have been following us for a while, you probably know by now that we go to Waikiki often.  It’s our favorite and closest paradise for a Weekend Getaway.

We have a tradition of going to breakfast to Maui Brewing Company (MBC), and we have had this tradition for the last three to four trips because the food there is so amazingly good.

MBC is located across the street from the Cheesecake Factory in Kalakalua Avenue.

The great thing is that we still continue to think this place rocks for breakfast after so many times, which is a plus by itself.

We always order different things and then the same favorites, but on this trip, we had the following amazing dishes:

  • Pulled Pork Benedicts – My favorites in the island
  • Biscuits and Gravy, and the – Ben loves this dish
  • Maui Brewing Company Benedicts – Great for sharing

Waikiki Best Restaurants

Should I say the parsley is actually a great compliment to the flavors of this dish.  Make sure you eat it!

On this trip, we ate the MBC twice and for the first time we thought of something….  (not sure why we didn’t think about this earlier), but the plates are so big that we don’t have to get a plate each, and that’s why the second day we decided to share the MBC Benedicts.

Honestly, everything I’ve tried at this place is awesome, with the exception of the Irish coffees.  They really don’t know how to make them, but they have other great drinks and cocktails like the Maui Mimosa, the Lei’d Lychee (my favorite) and of course beers like the Imperial coconut porter and the Morning Mana, which is beer with pineapple juice.

Waikiki Best Restaurants

On this trip, we discovered a new breakfast spot, that it’s as amazing as the first one.

Shorefyre Honolulu, located also on Kalakaua Avenue in the International Market Place on the third floor needs to be added to the places you need to visit in Waikiki for sure.

Shorefyre has amazing Irish coffees, I could argue that some of the best I’ve had (besides the ones I tried in Dublin)

In addition to the drinks we had:

  • The 50/50 Loco Moco – you must try this!  This thing was 50% beef and 50% BACON, as my husband will describe it: It was pretty freaking awesome.
  • Egg Benedicts

Waikiki Best Restaurants for


For Lunch, during this trip, I want to recommend you to go Goma Tei Ramen Waikiki.

Lunches are usually very casual for us because we tend to have a large breakfast and then head towards the beach, but this time we made the point to have lunch at least one day.

We tried a few places, and Goma Tei Ramen is the winner to be mentioned in this post.

The Ramen was so authentic, just like I imagine to be in Japan.

A good sign is that the place was filled with Japanese people, and that is always a good indicator.

A bowl of Ramen ranges between $15-$20 and they are really big.  We made the mistake to order some truffle gyozas in addition to the ramen, and we ended up being so full, that we couldn’t enjoy ourselves for a few hours later.

Waikiki Best Restaurants

Waikiki Best Restaurants for Dinner

When it comes to dinner, this time I want to recommend for you two restaurants with two different food profiles:  One with Eclectic Flair and the second one a Sushi institution.

For the Eclectic Flair, I recommend you to go to Tommy Bahama at Beachwalk Drive, where we had a very yummy sangria.  I have to make a disclaimer here.

Ben makes the most amazing sangria ever, so for us to say this sangria is good… trust me!  It’s good.

Besides the sangria we had their star appetizer: coconut shrimp and it was hmm hmm yummy.

Then we shared the Doria, which is a white fish.

You can see from the picture we loved it.

Waikiki Best Restaurants

Recommendation numero dos for dinner is Sansei Sushi, at Kalakaua Aveenue.

The food and the drinks were both amazing.

We had the following:

  • Wagyu Carpaccio – OMG!!!! you must have this
  • Tempura Shrimp Roll – Yummylicious
  • Scipy Tuna Crunch
  • Sansei Special Roll
  • Mango Crab Roll
  • 69 Roll

Waikiki best restaurants

I know we had a lot of food.

We were there for over 3 hours of eating and drinking away.

The sake and the plum wine were perfect too.

Waikiki Best Restaurants for

Happy Hour

When it comes to Happy hours, I want to point you to Duke’s (which I have a full review here)

Duke’s is my favorite bar, but they also have pretty awesome food, like:

  • Fresh Island Poke
  • Luau Pork Nachos

And of course amazing drinks but you must read about them in the post about Duke’s

Waikiki Best Restaurants


Not every place we’ve been in Waikiki can make the Waikiki Best Restaurants list, but the reality is that at least 90% of the places I’ve tried in this paradise are from good to freaking amazing.

So when you go to Waikiki, make sure you allow time and money to try the food.

There are so many cuisines and chefs ready to show you what they got on the island.

There are so many famous and international restaurants also, and unfortunately one of those is the one I’m reviewing as the worst steakhouse in Waikiki, even though it was the priciest meal I’ve had in the island.

You know I’m not trying to put anyone down, but that place simply didn’t make it for us and I want to make sure you are aware of our experience.

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