The Wildlife Sydney Zoo surpassed my expectations

On our last day in Sydney, we went to the Wildlife Sydney Zoo, and I have to say it surpassed my expectations.  In this post, I will share with you all the things we saw including some super cute videos.

Getting the Wildlife Sydney Zoo Tickets

This is a super hack that I have for you here.

Of course, you can buy your ticket for the Wildlife Sydney Zoo at the entrance, but by doing so you will be paying so much more money than you have to, because by grouping and purchasing in advance and choosing either a 2, 3 or 4 attraction pass, you will be saving big time money.

If you purchase your tickets at the door, you will be paying around $44 for 1 attraction.  but with this Sydney Attraction Pass, that you can get here you can access the Sea Life Aquarium, the Sydney Tower Eye, the Wildlife Sydney Zoo and Madame Tussauds. for a lot less than that.

If you decide to purchase two attractions, with a single entry over a 1 month period your price is USD$35.68

For 3 attractions, your price is USD$42.81 and for 4 attractions the price is USD$49.95.

I mean, if you are looking to see all these attractions, which we did, there is no better way than buying them with this link, so you can get them all for less than USD$12.50 for attraction.  You really can’t beat that price.

How to Get to the Wildlife Sydney Zoo

The Wildlife Sydney Zoo (as well as the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, and Madame Tussauds) are located at Darling Harbour, on the King Wharfside.

You can walk there from the other side of the Darling Harbour by crossing the Pyrmont Bridge which is super nice

Wildlife Sydney Zoo

or you can use the stop from the Big Bus Sydney.  You can read all about our experience in the Big Bus Sydney and why I recommend it HERE in my previous post about it.

You can also get there by Ferry, Train, Bus, Light Rail and of course Taxi and or Uber.

What to see at the Wildlife Sydney Zoo

Wildlife Sydney Zoo
I’m going to be the first one to admit that I was super impressed with the Wildlife Sydney Zoo.

I really didn’t have lots of expectations because this such called “zoo” is located in the middle of the city, and few people had recommended we went to the Taronga Zoo instead, but going there required more time than we had, besides I’ve been in many amazing zoos and so as long as I could see a Tasmanian Devil, and a Kangaroo I was happy, because I’ve seen Koala’s before.

This Zoo was super nice, well laid out and a total hit for me.

Visiting the Wildlife Sydney Zoo provided up-close encounters with a variety of Australian critters who live in nine distinct habitats, many of which I didn’t even know a thing about.
This zoo has the biggest collection of Australian animals and plants under one roof.

It’s also a perfect place to go if it’s raining, as it’s mostly indoors.

This place gives you a feeling of the diversity of the Australian continent’s wildlife without leaving central Sydney.

You will be able to marvel at cuddly koalas and witness the toothy grin of one of the largest crocodiles in captivity in the world.

Here is a little video of our visit for your enjoyment and entertainment

I have to say, my favorite animal was the Tasmanian Devil, and it didn’t look at all as terrifying as they make him seem, but I’m sure it’s a pretty gnarly animal to encounter in the wild.

Wildlife Sydney Zoo

The baby Kangaroos where super cute too. They were orphans and rescued, but too young to be with the other ones.  They were happily jumping all around.
Wildlife Sydney Zoo

And here is the picture of that famous crocodile, apparently largest in captivity.  I was actually happy there was a glass in between him and us.  It was really huge.

Wildlife Sydney Zoo

Then there was the Emu.  A bird I’ve never heard of before but it was something like an ostrich, but much more aggressive.

Apparently, you don’t want to run into one in the wild.  It was as told as us.

Wildlife Zoo Sydney

Other animals we saw were the Koalas, Wombats, the Platypus, Wallabies, Quokka, Snakes, Spiders, Butterflies, Birds, and few nocturnal species.

One unique thing to buy at the Wildlife Sydney Zoo

Besides the fact that you get to see all these animals that you only hear about in the movies or cartoons, for me the coolest thing was to see all kind of different jerky at the gift shop.

Yes, they had Crocodile jerky, Emu jerky and of course Kangaroo jerky.

wildlife zoo sydney

So yes, we bought the Kangaroo Jerky, but I have to say that 2 months later we haven’t eaten it yet.

I tried to get Ben to eat some Kangaroo tartare or in any way while we were there, but we couldn’t stomach it, so we thought the jerky would be a great way to also have the kids to try it.

My 12 years old is all for it, but the other ones not so much.  We’ll see.  Maybe one of these days we’ll dig into it and post a follow-up article about our experience.

In Summary

You should definitely make sure you add visiting the Wildlife Sydney Zoo during your visit to Sydney.  It opens daily from 10 am until 4 pm (last entry).

Even better, make sure you add the four attractions on the Sydney Attraction Pass and save some money that you can use to experience some wine tasting at your own pace in Sydney as we did or a visit to the Sydney Opera House for example.

We did amazing things in Sydney, and if you want to read more about our Sydney adventures, you can find our Sydney Getaway Stories HERE

We truly enjoyed this amazing city and we’ll be back for more one day.

Remember to keep traveling, because life is a Getaway!

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