Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk – Exciting and unforgettable experience

Going to Sydney means experiencing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and all its wonder, and this post is all about our adventure while we did a Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk, such an exciting and unforgettable experience.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

How did we find out about this adventure?

This Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk adventure started long before the day we did it.

Few days before, after we did our Coogee to Bondi Walk when we step into that fabulous Bondi market that you can read all about in the post about that, by clicking here, we engaged in a conversation with a vendor at the market from whom we bought some super aromatic (Bali made) soaps, and during our conversation with him, we mentioned to such gentleman that we had walked from Coogee to Bondi earlier that day.

As a great ambassador of Sydney, he suggested for us to do a Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk, which was great because I was thinking I really wanted to climb it, but I knew Ben wouldn’t love that idea since he is not a fan of heights.

So this was a perfect suggestion because it was like having your cake and eating it too.

Getting to Milson’s Point

Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

The instructions that we got from the soap guy were to go to Circular Quay and get a one-way ferry ticket to Milson’s point where we would [somehow] find our way to the place where we can start our walk of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

So far, everything was going perfectly according to plan.

We got into Circular Quay just in time to buy the tickets and catch the ferry to Milson’s Point.

The ferry ride was pretty cool, and the sights of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House were priceless.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

But where do we start?

So we arrived at Milson’s point as indicated but from that point forward we had no directions.  We didn’t think we needed them, especially since the target destination is so obviously big that how can we miss the starting point of our adventure?

However, we were wrong!

We went up the hill trying to figure out where the start point of our Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk was, but we couldn’t find it.

Until we decided to do the smart thing and ask for directions.

The refreshing thing is that the guard we ask for directions was so happy to help us out, just like back home… Right?

The reality is that we never would have been able to find the starting point on our own because it was strategically disguised to blend in with the rest of the town, so I’m glad we asked and we didn’t miss the opportunity to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

Once we found the staircase to the main level fo the Sydney Harbour Bridge, we started our walk which was an easy and safe flat walk via the pedestrian walkway to the other side ( Sydney Harbour) by The Rocks.

The views were amazing, not only of the Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House but also of the condos across from them.

I remember walking and thinking about how amazing it’ll be to walk there because a view like that is not easy to come by.

I used to live in the San Francisco Bay area and I’ve walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, yet I have to say that the experience of walking the Sydney Harbour Bridge was far more enjoyable.

The pedestrian path is only located on the eastern side of the bridge, which is an important thing for you to know and the reason why we couldn’t find our way into the bridge, to begin with.

To walk across the bridge in one direction as we did, the distance is about 1/3 mile, plus the short additional approaches from the stairways to the start and finish.

If you are traveling to Sydney on a budget, this is a great way to do something really amazing for almost no money, other than the ferry ride, but you could do the Sydney Harbour Bridge walk back and forth and not have to pay for the ferry.

We did the Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk during the middle of the day, but I’ve heard that sunrise would be the best time to go, as you are not only looking at the sun rising in the sky but in the direction of the Opera House, Circular Quay and the most scenic side of the harbor bridge.  Otherwise, sunset would be a close second.

Also, either sunrise or sunset is most appropriate for photographs (the lighting will be softer) compared to the harshness of the middle of the day.

If you get to experience the Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk at either Sunset or Sunrise, drop me a line in the comments below and share your experience.

A great and fun thing to do after your Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

After the 30 minutes walk or so across the Sydney Harbour Bridge we ended up at The Rocks, which is one of Sydney’s tourist destinations close to Circular Quay.

The guy that recommend us to do this walk, did mention that at the end of the walk we should stop by The Gilmore, and all we know was that it was a Sydney institution.

And there it was, right after getting off the Sydney Harbour Bridge, there is this old bar called The Gilmore.

It was old but unique with many different rooms and themes in 4-5 stories.  However, the top terrace was the best part of it.  From it, you can see the Harbour and the Bridge while you enjoy an adult beverage.

In Summary

Make sure you allow some time to feel for yourself the Sydney Harbour Bridge in all its greatness.  You should make sure you can see it from below, from the water and from the top while you experience this majestic wonder of the world.

Remember to travel more and travel often, because Life is a Getaway.


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