Planning a Trip to Europe

Ben and I are going to Europe by the time you read this post, and so we want to share with you the ins and out of Planning a Trip to Europe.


Planning a Trip to Europe – When to go

For many people when to go on a trip, especially a place like Europe is a very important factor in their decision, because Europe usually represnts a once in a lifetime trip.

planning a trip to EuropeBecause we live in Alaska and we travel so much (one of the advantages of traveling so much and having a business that pays us to travel) the weather is not so much of a consideration to us.

However, since this is not about me, I have to say that there are two things you want to consider when planning your trip to Europe in regards on when to go.

  1. Tourist Season
  2. Not Tourist Season

It’s reallly that easy.

European wheather is usually very mild, but the tourist are not.

Between May and September there are thousand of people going to Europe every day, and so if crowds bother you… maybe you want to consider going in the not toursit season, which yes is winter… but very mild winter.

planning a trip to europe

Ok, maybe I’m going to clarify that’s in the mediterranean and if you are going to the north, it could look like this:

planning a trip to europe

Nevertheless Beautiful, right?

Planning a Trip to Europe – Getting there

Getting to Europe is the second thing you need to consider, posibly depending where you are located, the first or second most significant expense in your trip.

In my experience it is always cheaper when you are planning a trip to Europe to flight direct from a major airport, so you either drive to a major airport where they have frequent flights to Europe or take a regional flight to a major airport.

Even though buying tickets separately is a nightmare, if cost is a consideration I can give you the following tips:

  • Drive to a Major US airport for your direct flight to Europe
  • If you can’t drive to a major US aiport, sometimes getting two different tickets (meaining from your city to a major airport, and then a different ticket from that airport to Europe) it’s cheaper.
  • If you are using the option above, the Major airport doesn’t have to be the closest to you, sometimes flying to other major airports will be cheaper.  Always look a the the total cost of your trip rather than individual pieces.
  • Also, you might want to flight to a major airport in Europe and then flight or drive to wherever you are going.  Regional flights in Europe are cheap and great.
  • The train is always a fantastic way to travel from city to city in Europe, and most major airports have intercountries train stations.

Planning a Trip to Europe

Planning a Trip to Europe – Where to Go

A question related to how to get there, is where you are going to go.  

That’s really a vast and such an opened ended question really.  There are many wonderful places in Europe for you to pick from, depending on what your interest are.

Some of my favorite European destinations (in no particular orden) are:

  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Holland
  • Belgium

I have not been lucky in France yet, but I’m hopefully that will change in the future.

Planning a Trip to Europe

Planning a Trip to Europe – How many countries to visit

Whne I go to Europe that’s always the question.  It’s so far away, and seems like you are never going back, yet I’ve been to Europe a dozen times, I know… Lucky me!

However, because I always feel like it might be a long time until I come back, crusing is always a great choice and a consideration when you are planning a trip to Europe.

In fact, that’s what we are doing right now, cruising the mediterranean sea as a sample option for Ben, since he hasn’t been in many of the places the cruises stop at.

It’s ok, I’m willing to sacrifice myself by doing it again, just because I love him so much.

Planning a Trip to Europe


Planning a Trip to Europe is one of the most exciting travel planning experiences we’ve had.  There is so much excitment and anticipation that it makes the entire trip last like 6 months from beginning to end.

Don’t think that going to Europe is unreachable.  There are many great deals always around, in fact one time I went to London from San Francisco from Thursday to Monday for a $264 including airfare and lodging, and it was a 4 star hotel by the Marble Arch, so yes finding these types of deals is possible.  You just have to keep your eyes opened.

But whether is Europe of somewhere local, remember to keep traveling because Life is a Getaway!


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