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The Sydney Opera House was declared a modern masterpiece, and you deserve to see it.  That’s why booking your Sydney Opera House Tour while visiting Sydney is a must, but what tour to purchase is the question everyone has to face.  My goal in this post is to help you understand what tours are available, and give you my recommendation of the best tour.

Sydney Opera House Tour

Some Facts about the Sydney Opera House

We learned in the Sydney Opera House Tour that we took all about the drama that prevailed during the construction of this marvelous piece of art.  In fact, completing the Sydney Opera House took 14 years, 10,000 workers and 1,056,006 roof tiles, a widely blown-out budget and the resignation of the architect that design the project as the ultimate sacrifice needed to be able to get this masterpiece completed.

Fortunately, I can tell you that the story did have a happy ending after all!

Primary areas of the Sydney Opera House that you will see in the tour:

The Concert Hall, housing the world’s largest mechanical action organ with 10,154 pipes; and seating 2,679 people.  This hall is the home to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra (which we were privileged to see in action).

Sydney Opera House Tour

The Forecourt, it has a record of holding 100,000 for a globally televised concert back in 1996.  The Forecourt is a place where Nelson Mandela addressed crowds after his release in 1990, and Oprah Winfrey filmed two shows of her farewell season.

Sydney Opera House Tour

The Joan Sutherland Theatre previously called the Opera Theatre; it’s the Sydney’s Opera House largest proscenium arch theatre with an orchestra pit accommodating up to 70 musicians.

The Drama Theatre, this high-tech stagecraft includes revolving concentric rings in the middle of the stage and a computerized flying system to lift the scenery.  Many iconic artists like Mel Gibson, have to tread the boards in this room.

The Playhouse, this is the place for art and Australian beach culture to be combined.  A space for storytelling, the playhouse is often the house to productions for younger audiences, dance and innovative theatrical experiences.

The Studio, once a library, now boasts sounds, light and seating systems that make it the ideal space for the world’s most daring performances.

Utzon Room, seating just 200 this chamber hosts regular chamber music performances, offering audiences intimate and uplifting experiences of space, sound, and scenery.

Sydney Opera House Tour options

If you look online for a Sydney Opera House tours, you will find no less than 200 somewhat overwhelming options.  Frankly, I don’t know that any of them could be bad since the place itself is fantastic and yes, you should absolutely make sure you get a Sydney Opera House Tour in your visit to Sydney; however, the process of deciding which one to pick could be time-consuming.

Since I’ve already done the legwork, I figure I’ll share with you since you are here reading my post.

My objective with this post is to help you with that decision, save you time and money.

Through my research of the best Sydney Opera House Tour options, I narrowed it down to these top five based on price, reviews and overall experience.

5. Sydney Opera House Guided Walking Tour  Get an insider look at the World Heritage–listed Sydney Opera House on this 1-hour walking tour. Go behind the scenes with a knowledgeable guide who will entertain you with stories about the opera house’s controversial construction and the thousands of performances that have taken place there since it opened in 1973.

Sydney Opera House Tour

4. Sydney Opera House Tour and Tasting Plate Dining Experience Enter the Sydney Opera House on a 1-hour Guided Tour of one of the world’s most famous architectural masterpieces. Learn about the Iconic building’s construction, history, and controversies.  It includes a Tasting plate of hot and cold dishes to be shared between 2 (plentiful amounts of food)
While enjoying the stunning views at the base of the Opera House overlooking Sydney Harbour.

3. Sydney Opera House Tour and Dine 2 hours in total, a great day out in Sydney, is to be had with this tour. Enjoy a tour of the Sydney Opera House and a delicious meal at the Opera Bar with sweeping views of Sydney Harbor and the iconic Harbor Bridge. On this 1-hour tour, you’ll experience the history and magic of the venue, as you follow your friendly guide underneath the sails and into the UNESCO World Heritage masterpiece.

For your meal, The Opera Bar is located just a short walk from the Welcome Centre located on the Lower Concourse Level. You can choose one dish from a selection of either fish, pasta or steak. (seasonal menu) You can purchase drinks at your own pleasure at the Opera Bar. Dining is available between 11:30 am and 6:00 pm.

2. Sydney Opera House Guided Backstage Tour  With this tour you will go behind the scenes of the iconic Sydney Opera House on a Backstage Tour of one of the world’s most famous performing arts centers! You’ll gain exclusive access to areas of the Sydney Opera House that are usually reserved for staff and performers only, including the stage and dressing rooms while hearing from your expert guide about the real-life dramas that go on behind the curtain. To top off your morning, enjoy a full Australian Breakfast in the world famous Green Room. This tour is for a small-group setting only, limited to 12 people which ensures a more personalized experience.

1. Sydney Opera House and Opera Australia Dinner Package Experience the very best of Sydney on this all-encompassing Sydney Opera House experience. Enjoy a VIP guided tour of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Opera House followed by a 2-Course pre-theatre dinner with matching wines at either Aria Restaurant, one of Sydney’s top restaurants, Bennelong within the Opera House, or Portside Sydney. Once you have explored the sails and dined at one of the fantastic venues, you will be delighted by world-class performance presented by Opera Australia including shows such as La Boheme, Wether, Madama Butterfly, Anna Bolena and more!

Sydney Opera House Tour

Of course, my recommendation is this last option, because you get to experience the Sydney Opera House as local.  You can use this link to secure your tour.

My thoughts on the matter are that If you are going all the way to Sydney and you wisely decide to go to the Sydney Opera House, then make sure you enjoy a performance at this venue as well.  It’s incredible, it’s unforgettable, and it’s worth it! And more importantly:  You Deserve it!

Where to get the best Sydney Opera House Tour

There are so many places where you can get your Sydney Opera House Tour tickets.

From obviously multiple online tour operators to even at the door the day of your tour, but for me the best option is always to know ahead of time what am I doing while on vacation, so I can maximize my time there, as I don’t want to have to worry at all, just enjoy my getaway.

I also love to get my tours in advance so I can explore and study the options beforehand,  and be able to make the best decision without the pressure of having to decide in 5 minutes.

By planning my tours this way, I often save money and get the best experience possible and the best value.  I’m also able to select the perfect time of the day for my tours, in a way that fit my schedule seamlessly.

When it comes to getting the best Sydney Opera House Tour tickets, I recommend you to get your tours at Viator.com.  You can use this link to do so.


Because I’ve already gone through the trouble of reading and evaluating, and selecting the top tours available out of the 227 possible options, and I have chosen for you, the Sydney Opera House tours with the best value.

In a nutshell, I’ve saved you about 15 hours of work, which in my dictionary equals to a sizeable amount of money.

The link I have prepared for you looks like this:

Sydney Opera House Tour

What happens at the Sydney Opera House Tour

I don’t want to spoil The Sydney Opera House tour for you, but I do want to tell you that the tour is fantastic.  Here are some pictures of Ben and me while on this tour:

Ben and I in the Concert HallSydney Opera House Tour

Ben and I in the Opera TheatreSydney Opera House Tour

A view of The Opera Theater roof tiles from the Concert Hall LobbySydney Opera House Tour

In Summary

Sydney Opera House Tours

1. Yes you should take a tour of the Sydney Opera House

2. My recommendation is the full VIP experience, but here are my top 5 recommendations with options for all budgets and time allowances

3. Take beautiful pictures not only of the Sydney Opera House but the surroundings as well

4. Make Travel a Priority in your life, because Life is a Getaway!

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