Maxpass Disneyland -Make sure to budget for this

This is the last post on the Disneyland series I have been writing about, and I wanted to leave the Maxpass Disneyland to the end because it’s super important and I want to make sure remember all about it.

What is the Maxpass Disneyland

The Maxpass Disneyland is a new service from Disneyland that allows you to save time, which is precious while on vacation.  As you know time equals money, and the Maxpass Disneyland, in other words, saves you money by allowing you to schedule your fast pass ticket from a mobile device, without having to go directly to the attraction you are trying get the fast pass from.

Even better, if you have park hopper tickets you can schedule fast pass for both parks from your mobile device on the Disneyland app.

Another super cool thing about the Maxpass Disneyland is that it comes with a Photo pass that lets you download the photos that you take at different attractions or rides likes this one.

Max Pass Disneyland

Normally this picture would have cost $20, but since we had the Maxpass Disneyland it was as easy as downloading it to my phone.

We also had pictures from the rides.

How much does Maxpass Disneyland cost?

Maxpass DisneylandMaxpass Disneyland costs $15 per day per ticket, in other words for our family of 8, one day of Maxpass Disneyland cost $120 for that day.

With that said, you might want to plan and decide in advance when you are creating your budget if you are going to get the Maxpass Disneyland every day, or just a few days.

In our case, we got the Maxpass Disneyland the last day we were at the park, to ensure we really got the most fun that day.  The first few days we didn’t because since we had 5 days in total, we figured the first few days we didn’t need to see it all.

If you are wondering how we could afford 5 days in Disneyland with a family of 8, here is the post I wrote just before this one where I share how I saved over $700 on our Disneyland tickets.

Where to get the Maxpass Disneyland

One important thing to know is that you can’t purchase your Maxpass Disneyland until you get to the

Maxpass Disneyland

park and scan your tickets (different rules apply to Annual Passholders).

I had the great idea that I was going to wake up super early, get the Maxpass and then head over to the park, but for good reasons they don’t allow you to do that, so people don’t abuse the fast pass distribution.

So, in order to get your Maxpass Disneyland these are the steps:

When you are downloading the Disneyland app on your phone and setting it up, make sure you link a credit card so they can charge the Maxpass Disneyland to your account when you are trying to purchase it.

Keep in mind this is the process if you already have your tickets, and if you take advantage of buying your tickets with savings as we did and like I shared on the previous post.

However, if you rather buy your tickets through, then you can add your Maxpass Disneyland right there.

You will still need the Disneyland app to manage your Maxpass Disneyland.

How to use Maxpass Disneyland

MaxPass DisneylandAfter getting your Maxpass Disneyland on your Disneyland app, you will be able to see when the next Fastpass is available for any ride offering such service.

For example, in the picture to the left, you can see that for Big Thunder Mountain the next set of Fastpasses available is from 10:00 am to 11:00 am.

Sometimes the times where Fastpass is available varies widely among rides, and that is something you need to use plan which rides you are going to schedule Fastpasses for and in which order.

This is an advantage that you can’t experience unless you have the Maxpass Disneyland.

Then when it’s your time to go to the attraction and redeem your return time, you simply use your phone to scan the bar code that it’s going to be in each of the attractions, under each of the tickets that have that particular fastpass. (like shown in the picture below).

Maxpass Disneyland

The Best part of Buying Maxpass Disneyland

As I briefly mentioned above, and you will know this if you have used Fastpass before, the fact that you can add the FastPass from your phone, at any location on the park it’s totally worth it and priceless.

You see, traditionally and the way FastPass works, is that you have to go to the attraction FastPass distribution kiosk and retrieve your return time for the attraction.

However, you can only get a limited number of fastpasses during the day.

The fastpasses distribution kiosks are not always intuitive to find, as they are around the location, but not next to the location.  Of course, you can always ask for help, but doing it from your phone is more convenient.

Also, imagine being at one end of the park, and needing to go get the fastpass at the other side.  First, you need to either bring your entire family with you across the park and crowds, because you need all the tickets that are going to use the fastpass in order to get a return time for every member of your party, or you need to split and pray that you can find each other.

Maxpass Disneyland

Nonetheless, the benefit of doing it right from your phone just for the people that want to ride the attraction is awesome, but what about canceling it if someone changes their mind…

And why would you want to cancel a FastPass?  Well, because while you are waiting for a FastPass return time, you are limited to get a new return time for another attraction.

So, if one of the kids (or big kids) decides that they want to ride something else instead, you can do that painlessly from wherever you are.

Again while on vacation, time = money.

In Summary

I would like to invite you to seriously considering adding the Maxpass Disneyland to your ticket for at least one day at each park.

It’s totally worth it, and I promise you will be thanking me later.

If you haven’t noticed thus far, I’m all about having a great time while on vacation and making sure everyone in my party does too.  I pride myself of being a great planner and I hope my travel planning tricks and hacks are inspiring you to travel more and helping you to afford your dream vacations.

Wherever you are in life today, remember to keep traveling, because life is a getaway!

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