How to get from LAX to Disneyland

Let’s say that you land in LAX with your family of 8, and want to go to Anaheim.  How to get from LAX to Disneyland in one piece and no trauma?

That’s what this post is about.  The tips I learned and the product of many hours of research in order to implement the perfect solution, for my family, but what you should consider with even the options I didn’t take.

The possibilities are vast, but not all of them will work for you.   Some of them are more expensive than others, but with the price tag also comes convenience and peace of mind.

The budget might be a determining factor for you.  In my case, nothing beats convenience, especially when I’m on vacation and even more when I’m on vacation with 6 kiddos.

How to get from LAX to Disneyland

Renting a car

When deciding how to get from LAX to Disneyland at first we thought about renting a car, because LAX to Disneyland is about 1 hour, but then as I was doing all my research I changed my mind based on my family dynamics and needs, yet for you this could still be the best option, and if that’s the case, my recommendation for your rental car needs is at

We ruled out the rental car option because the location of our lodging in Disneyland was so perfect that we didn’t need a car to get to Disneyland, in fact, the car would have stayed at the resort parking lot every day.

I determine that we would only be needing the car to get to Anaheim, but once we were there it didn’t make sense at all.

Because we had 5 days of Disneyland park tickets, we decided to just walk to the park and take advantage of the Anaheim Transportation Service, which is pretty good and convenient.

Another reason to scratch the rental car option for us was that being a family of 8, we either needed a 12 passenger bus or 2 cars and both options ran at about $900 – $1100 for a week.

Taxi or Uber?

How to get from LAX to Disneyland

Another option to consider was a Taxi or an Uber.

Between these two and Uber is a better, and cheaper choice, however, we realized that with the California Laws, 3 of our 6 kids would need a booster seat.

In the case of the Taxi or the Uber, we would have to provide our own booster seats, which means 3 pieces of extra something I was going to have to worry about while traveling for a week with a big family.

Notice the booster/car seat need will apply for renting a car also, but at least, in that case, you can pay extra to the rental car company for them to provide you with the equipment needed.


I did look into shuttles because I learned they were not subject to the booster seat rules, however, that didn’t make me very comfortable, yet I needed to have all my facts before making a decision.

Also, I have done my fair ride in shuttles in the past, and one thing I remembered.  How annoying it was to stop at other places before my hotel stop.

Also, I remembered they are rather uncomfortable.

The ride from LAX to Disneyland is about 1 hour, and after traveling all night in red-eye from Alaska with my troop, ease, comfort was what I had in mind, so quickly the idea of a shuttle kept getting lower and lower in my list.

If you are thinking about this option, as people are at different points in their lives, and it is a cheaper option, supper shuttle is the one I’ve used before in several cities around the United States.

Private Car

For us, this was the unbeatable winner.

Based on all the previous considerations, and the fact that we only needed a way to get from LAX to Disneyland, and we would be mostly walking while in Disneyland; for us the most efficient, and stress free way for my family and I to get from LAX to Disneyland was to hire a private round trip transfer.

We were picked up the same type of vehicle we would have had to rent, a 12 passenger van, that included the 3 booster seats we needed, but we were picked up at baggage claim and taken directly to our hotel in Anaheim without having to deal with going to the rental car agency, or being in 2 Ubers or taxis or sharing a ride with other strangers.

The driver also helped us with the bags, which was very convenient.

I don’t know what is it… I guess once you have experienced the way it feels to have someone pick you up at the airport, is hard to go back to sharing your ride.

If you find yourself trying to find a great private car transfer from LAX to Disneyland, this is the service we used and I totally recommend it.

I was also able to prepay the gratuity so then I really didn’t have to worry about anything the day of.

In Summary


This is a part of your travel that you want to make sure you plan and think about before you get to the airport.  Especially if you are traveling with a large party, usually more than 7 is when it gets tricky.

Remember to also check the requirements for booster seats.  In California, by law, any kid 8 years or younger must be in a booster or car seat, and it wasn’t very clear when the booster was fine, and so we based it on weight and height.

It’s not only a long ride from LAX to Disneyland, but on those Californian highways could be very dangerous too not to have your child in the right equipment, not to mention that if your plan was to take a taxi or Uber, they wouldn’t be able to take you and even the rental car companies often need advance notice to accommodate that request.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

That’s the key to a stress-free vacation.

Remember to Travel more, because Life is a Getaway!

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