Dublin Weekend Getaway – The Perfect Irish Holiday – Part 1

By now you must be thinking I’m crazy for even suggesting having a Dublin weekend getaway, but this might not be as crazy or unreasonable as you first might think.  Keep reading and I will show you why you want to consider a Dublin getaway.

Getting to Dublin

Depending on where in world you are, getting to Ireland for your Dublin weekend getaway might not be that difficult, especially if you are anywhere close to the East Coast of the US.

I, however, started my trip for my Dublin weekend getaway from Alaska and still was an amazing Irish holiday.

I went Anchorage to New York, and then took Air Lingus from New York to Dublin, but Air Lingus also flights direct from Seattle, Chicago and I’m sure all the major airports in the US.

Once I got Dublin, I had a Private Transfer from Dublin Airport to my hotel.  The driver was so funny and friendly.  After experiencing the service of private transfers, I never want to go back to taking a taxi. It was affordable, timely and super convenient.  Trust me, this is the way to go.

The flight arrived like at 8 am, thankfully I was able to sleep some on the flight.

Since I knew I couldn’t check into the hotel until 4 pm, I’ve planned the day so I could enjoy my Dublin weekend getaway from the get-go.

The driver took me to the hotel, where I left my bag with the Bell Desk, and off I went to start my adventure.

What to do before check-in time at your hotel

I stayed at the Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane which was centrally located by the convention center.  I do recommend the hotel as it was perfect for my Dublin weekend getaway.

Dublin weekend getaway

I love to walk when I’m in a weekend getaway because it lets me take in the beauty of the places I’m visiting.  So I walked about 40 minutes from my hotel to the Guinness Storehouse for my tour.  The walk was lovely, I intentionally forced my route to go through Trinity College so I could get a glimpse of such happening place during daylight because I was sure I’d be hitting it at night.

I chose the Skip the Line, Guinness Storehouse Entrance ticket which was under $30 and it included a fast track entrance ticket allowing me to quickly access the Guinness Storehouse.  Bonus:  It includes free drinks.

Here is a disclaimer:  I don’t drink beer, nor I like it; still there is so much history and uniqueness in this place, for which you must go to the Guinness Storehouse.

Dublin weekend getaway

This is a seven-floor exhibition at the St. James’s Gate Brewery, in Central Dublin where Guinness was first brewed in 1759.  You will make your own way through the brewery and must tell you, that you will be amazed.

They also have a great souvenir shop inside, great to place to get your loved ones something unique.  In fact, every beam, and the wall has some interesting fact or quote that will make you smile like these two:

Dublin weekend getaway

The tour, which is self-guided, easily will take 2 hours; and that’s not adding the time I would have to spend at the top bar drinking Guinness if I’d like beer.  I hear the Guinness in Ireland takes one thousand times better than in the US.

I can’t really review the taste of Guinness, but I sure can review the taste of other things, like the Irish Coffee.  O-M-G.  It’s so good.  I can’t remember drinking so many cups of coffee a day, as I did in this Dublin weekend getaway, partly because I was jetlag, but also the taste of the Irish Coffee is amazing.

How to make Irish Coffee like the pros

Dublin Weekend GetawayYou want to make sure you have high quality, homemade whipped cream

You need good quality whiskey

You warm up the whiskey and the sugar in the coffee mug, and then brew the coffee on top of it.

Top it off with the whipped cream

We make it at home sometimes, and it’s pretty good, still nothing like the real thing in Ireland, which makes me beg for planning another Dublin weekend getaway.

This coffee I had while I was waiting for another tour I took that day, still while waiting for the time to be able to check in.

This second tour was a Pub Crawl, but this tour was not what you are thinking about.

This particular tour was a Countryside Pub Crawl, and it was amazing.

We went to 4 bars outside Dublin, in a small bus.  It was like 10 of us, so a small group.

The guide was super funny and the views were amazing.  It was Sunday afternoon, and so there were tons of families at the Pubs, which was different but so European.

Views of Dublin from the Countryside

Dublin weekend getaway

I can’t remember the name of the pubs we went, I wasn’t really thinking about doing this review at the time, but what I can tell you is that this one was my favorite, as it was in a hill overlooking the city.

The other thing that surprised me during this tour, is how different Jameson tastes in Ireland.  I learned that because they don’t put preservatives all their alcohol is so much better, which it was.

So make sure you try it when you go.  People in Dublin take their whiskey with ginger ale, like this:

Dublin weekend getaway

Finally, after a full day of exploring Dublin, it was time to go back and check into my hotel.  It was for sure for this girl to go night night.

Highlights of the Day

Here are the things you can’t miss from my Dublin weekend getaway day 1:

Start your vacation with ease and hire a private transfer from the airport

Book your Guinness Storehouse Tour

Make sure you try real Irish Coffee

Take a Countryside Pub Crawl Tour

Make sure you stay tuned to the other things I’ll be sharing with you from my Dublin weekend getaway review, Day 2 in the next post.

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