Disneyland Park Tickets – How did I save over $700?

Congratulations!  You are taking your family to Disneyland.  Next step is to get your Disneyland Park Tickets.  As you are doing some research you realize the price tag associated with Disneyland Park Tickets, and before you know it,  you are anxious and scared wondering how you are supposed to afford this vacation…  Well, hold on because in this post I’m going to share with you How I saved over $700 in our Disneyland park tickets.

How many days you are buying your Disneyland Park Tickets for?

Disneyland park tickets

One of the first things you need to decide or negotiate with your family is how many days are you going to go to the actual parks in Disneyland so you can decide what kind of ticket you need to purchase.

If you haven’t been at either Disneyland or California Adventure parks, here is a prior post I wrote comparing both parks to help you decide which one to visit, or which one to visit more days:  California Adventure vs Disneyland

In the past, I have always done 1 park per day, but now that I have a larger family and 1 kid with a disability that seemed like a lot of self-imposed stress, and so we decided to spend more time at each park so we can take our time.

After allowing ourselves to enjoy our time with a nicer slower pace, I can attest that this is much better for building memories especially if you have younger kids, and definitely if you are visiting the parks during high season.  Both of these scenarios were truth during our last visit.

Don’t let either of them intimidate you or talk you away from going to Disneyland.  Here you can read about our amazing experience with 6 kids!

Disneyland Park Tickets

In the end, we decided to spend all our time in California between Disneyland Park, California Adventure and the Hotel Pool, for which deciding where you are going to stay is also super important. To help you with that,  Where to Stay in Disneyland is another post I wrote about this getaway.

Our schedule ended being 5 days at the parks and 2 days at the hotel.

With 5 days at the park, we needed to decide then if we needed a hopper ticket (which means you can visit both parks in a day) or if we just committed to one park each day.

We opted for the second option since we knew we would be going at least twice to each park, and then a third time to one of the parks.

Keep in mind that even at the most expensive place to buy the tickets, if you buy more than 3 days, the marginal cost of the additional tickets per day per person is almost nothing.

For us, buying 5 days versus 4 days for the 8 of us was only $200 more.

Where to Buy your Disneyland Park Tickets

Disneyland park tickets

So now that you know how many days you need Disneyland Park Tickets for, you need to start considering where to buy your tickets to get the best value.

The options are many including travel agencies, etc, but I’m going to give you a break down of the most used by people:

At Disneyland

You can always buy your tickets at the entrance of the park.  This option is obviously the most costly because normally no discounts are applied, and you also have to make a line to get the tickets and a line to get in the park.

However, if you are in the area, and you don’t have a ticket, don’t let that stop you.  Even when you might spending $10 more per ticket it’s always worth it to visit Disneyland.

Another reason you might want or need to buy a ticket at Disneyland is if you are unsure if you need that extra day.  Then it might be a better choice to hold off on buying the extra day, just to have the option.

In retrospective, I think we would have had enough with 4 days, and maybe go visit another attraction in the area on that last day, but again a day in Disneyland is never a bad day.

At Disney.com

You can, of course, buy your tickets at Disney.com.  This is how I’ve always bought them before this time.  The advantage is that you can access your Disney account right away and even book your fast passes in advance which might be something to consider, especially if a new attraction is getting ready to open (like in the case of Star Wars Edge of the Galaxy that it’s being opened May 31, 2019, and as of today all reservations to visit that attraction are sold out – unless you are staying at a Disneyland Resort).

If a person would have bought their Disneyland Park Tickets through Disney.com in advance, they could have reserved their spot to visit this new attraction

City Pass

And there is City Pass.  We used City Pass for the first time on this trip, and I was able to save $700 on the price of our tickets.

I’m not an affiliate of City Pass, and so my opinion is 100% transparent.

While comparing side by side all my options, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how much money I was going to save by getting my Disneyland Park Tickets this way.

Disneyland Park Tickets

If you don’t believe me, you can try to quote these many tickets (8 of them) for 5 days and see that the price will come to be $2,640 which is $754 more than what I paid

Disneyland park tickets


In Summary, it’s pretty obvious that there is always a good bargain out there that can help you afford a memorable vacation for you and your family.  You bet the $754 we saved in the Disneyland Park Tickets was a great help paying for all the other things that go into a family vacation.

It just added that extra piece of mind so we didn’t have to be so tight when it came to other things like food or park souvenirs.

Make sure you are always in the lookout for good deals, be informed of the best time to go to Disneyland in terms of attraction closures and new openings.

But keep traveling, because life is a getaway.

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