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Planning a Trip to Europe

Planning a Trip to Europe

Ben and I are going to Europe by the time you read this post, and so we want to share with you the ins and out of Planning a Trip to Europe.


Planning a Trip to Europe – When to go

For many people when to go on a trip, especially a place like Europe is a very important factor in their decision, because Europe usually represnts a once in a lifetime trip.…

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Duke's Waikiki

Duke’s Waikiki – My Favorite Spot in the World

When I say that Duke’s Waikiki is my favorite spot in the world, I’m not exaggerating a bit.  In this post, I’m going to share with you why I feel this way about this place.

However, first I want to make a disclaimer: I’m not getting paid by Duke’s to make any of the statements I’m making in this post. …

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