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Getaway in Sydney – 20% Cheaper than what you think

Ben and I recently had a weekend getaway in Sydney and learned that this is not only possible in a short window of time, but also a getaway in Sydney is cheaper than you would ever imagine.  In fact, I’m going to offer that you can have a weekend getaway in Sydney for 20% cheaper than you think.…

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Best Napa Wine Tasting Experience – Things you need to know to enhance your getaway

I’ve been blessed with the privilege of living in the most amazing places on earth, one of them allowed me to be super close to Napa Valley, which help me learned about the area so I can talk today about the Best Napa Wine Tasting Experience.…

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Our Hawaii Weekend Getaway – Our First time in Paradise Together

I’m confident that you will learn to love this magical place as we do, and pretty soon you will be sharing with us your Hawaii Weekend Getaway experience.

There is nothing that screams “Happy Place” to me as Hawaii does, and I’m so happy that Ben shares that same excitement about this magical place with me, and that we have established the tradition to visit Paradise as often as we can, which usually means at least twice a year, but sometimes three.…

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Weekend Getaway in Texas – Surprisingly Delightful

Ben and I decided to have an unconventional thanksgiving in 2018, and have a weekend getaway in Texas. To my surprise, it was a delightful experience.

I have to admit, I was not very excited about the choice of location at first, because my ideal escape will always be traveling to the beach, but I went along with it because Ben wanted to do this for reasons that you will understand as you keep reading.…

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