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Maxpass Disneyland -Make sure to budget for this

This is the last post on the Disneyland series I have been writing about, and I wanted to leave the Maxpass Disneyland to the end because it’s super important and I want to make sure remember all about it.

What is the Maxpass Disneyland

The Maxpass Disneyland is a new service from Disneyland that allows you to save time, which is precious while on vacation. …

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Disneyland Park Tickets

Disneyland Park Tickets – How did I save over $700?

Congratulations!  You are taking your family to Disneyland.  Next step is to get your Disneyland Park Tickets.  As you are doing some research you realize the price tag associated with Disneyland Park Tickets, and before you know it,  you are anxious and scared wondering how you are supposed to afford this vacation…  Well, hold on because in this post I’m going to share with you How I saved over $700 in our Disneyland park tickets.…

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How to get from LAX to Disneyland

How to get from LAX to Disneyland

Let’s say that you land in LAX with your family of 8, and want to go to Anaheim.  How to get from LAX to Disneyland in one piece and no trauma?

That’s what this post is about.  The tips I learned and the product of many hours of research in order to implement the perfect solution, for my family, but what you should consider with even the options I didn’t take.…

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Disneyland Disable Access is a Lifesaver

Traveling to Disneyland with a person that needs extra help, perhaps Autistic or Disabled in any other way?  This post is all about Disneyland Disable Access and how it was a lifesaver for us.

This week is Autism Awareness Week, and I thought it was a great time to share our experience with this excellent service that Disney has made available for families that need that extra TLC.…

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Where to Stay in Disneyland

There are two main questions to any vacation:  How to get there, and where to stay once you arrive at your destination; and even for avid travelers like us, this is the case.  Carefully considering where to stay in Disneyland is the foundation of a fabulous time, because when you probably will be spending most of your time in the parks, you want to make sure you have a nice place to recharge your batteries at the end of each day.…

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