Big Bus Sydney – Why everyone should use this tour?

In every city I go I try to find a good sightseeing bus tour and I highly recommend that if you are going to Sydney you do the Big Bus Sydney tour, because not only is the best way to see the city, but also it will save you money when you use it as part of your transportation options.

Why everyone should do the Big Bus Sydney tour?

I firmly believe that the Big Bus Sydney gives everyone the best overall view of the city in the shortest and most efficient way.  During my getaways, no matter the destination, time is as valuable as any other resource I used to get there, and I also enjoy the freedom to go as fast or as slow as I want to go in any attraction, for that reason I pick and choose very carefully what tours I do.

I feel very strongly about this one though, because I’ve used them in many cities and they have never disappointed me.  Not only it’s informative and fun, but the routes are convenient and I always get to see and learn things I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Big Bus Sydney

In this case, besides getting absolutely gorgeous views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, while on the Big Bus Sydney we learned many facts about the architecture in Sydney and how is that this amazing city came to be.  I don’t want to spoil it for you, so you might have to take the Big Bus Sydney tour to find out yourself, but here are some of those amazing views I was telling you about:

Big Bus Sydney

The picture below is the largest vertical garden in the world, and it’s basically an example of the creative architecture that Sydney has to offer, and I’m not sure I would have seen not learned about this garden if I wasn’t riding the Big Bus Sydney.

Big Bus Sydney

One piece of advise though, if you are so lucky to ride the Big Bus Sydney in such an amazing day as we did, make sure to apply sunblock to your face and shoulders and wear a hat.  You don’t want to ruin your getaway with a sunburn.

Big Bus Sydney Routes and Maps

The Big Bus Sydney tour has two routes: The City Tour and the Bondi Tour.  They both have pre-recorded commentaries in 8 languages for your convenience. Your driver will provide you with free headphones when you board the Big Bus Sydney, and it’s good to know their buses also have WiFi, so you can stay connected with the world while on a getaway.

The City Tour has 23 different stops including key Sydney attractions like:

  • Circular QuayBig Bus Sydney
  • Sydney Tower
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • and many others

It takes about 90 minutes to complete the city tour if you don’t hop off, and buses depart every 20 minutes from around 8 am to about 6 pm, so you don’t have to worry when you hop off to have to wait too long for the next bus.

The Bondi tour has 8 stops, and 3 or those are strategically placed so you can switch to the city tour if you choose to get the combo ticket with both routes.

The main attraction of the Bondi tour is obviously Bondi beach, which is amazing and a place you should visit during your Sydney getaway, and it’s great that you can use the Big Bus Sydney to get there, because the alternative is to get an Uber or taxi, which will cost you around $25 USD.

Here you can read about the Coogee to Bondi Coastal Walk, in a previous post I wrote.

Big Bus Sydney Ticket options

There are for types of tickets you can get for your Big Bus Sydney tour, and please know that you can save 10% when you buy your tickets online, prior to the tour:

This ticket is the less expensive option and consist of 24 hours hop on, hop off in the Big Bus Sydney including both routes.

The Big Bus Sydney Premium ticket consists of 48 consecutive hours hop on, hop off experience, including both routes.  In addition for a limited time, you can get a complementary Rocks walking tour.

For our Big Bus Sydney tour, we purchased the Deluxe ticket.  The value of this tour is amazing as you get 48 consecutive hours of hop on, hop off experience in both routes; we got the Rocks complementary walking tour, but in addition we got two extra perks that saved us the price of the Sydney Big Bus tour itself:  A 1 hour Captain Cook Harbour Cruise and an entrance ticket to either the Sydney Tower Eye where you can get unbeatable views of the city with a magnificent buffet or Madame Tussauds which is always fun.

With the Sydney Big Ticket for your Big Bus Sydney tour you will get 24 hours of hop on, hop off for both routes, access to the Sydney Tower Eye and Madame Tussauds, but also you will get access to the Wildlife Sydney Zoo and the SeaLife Sydney Aquarium

Using Big Bus Sydney as part of your transportation options

Here is where I’m going to share with you why I loved the Big Bus Sydney and in fact any Big Bus tour I can take.

Before getting to the city, I study the map and make sure I understand where the stops are.  The Big Bus Sydney has an app for your phone that tells you real time where the next bus is and how long until they get to the closest stop to you.  That way you can maximize your time in any attraction.

I like to always do the route completely without getting off the first time.  For the Big Bus Sydney tour that was 90 minutes.  This helps me get situated and I use it as my macro orientation tool and strategy in any getaway.

After that 90 minutes, I had a pretty good feel for the city and the things I wanted to do.  Then between walking and catching the Big Bus Sydney tour, we got around all over Sydney without having to spend any extra money on transportation while our deluxe ticket was active.

I’m pretty sure if you try my way of using the Big Bus, you will find it’s actually a very good way to start any getaway.


When it comes to weekend getaways making sure you maximize your time at attractions, minimize your expenses and having a relax and happy time is what it is all about, at least for us.

The Big Bus Sydney helps accomplish those goals by giving you a way to get to see the city, save on tickets and transportation in a convenient and fun way!

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