Best Restaurants in Anchorage Part I

I’ve been getting requests about writing a post listing the Best Restaurants in Anchorage. The reality is that there are quite a few good restaurants depending on the budget and how foodie are you, and so I’m going to do this review from my point of view.

Keep in mind that I’m a foodie and that I do like good, tasty food that’s not necessarily super economical.  However, like I’ve said in other posts when I go on vacation I like to have a good time, and since I’m assuming you are coming on vacation to Anchorage, then good times is at the order.

Best Restaurants in Anchorage

Seafood Restaurants

The truth is that you can find great amazing seafood in Anchorage pretty much anywhere.  However, we Alaskans are a bit more picky that you will ever be since we have access to the best Salmon and Crab in the world.

With that in mind, I had to add a section when talking about the Best Restaurants in Anchorage that talked about seafood.

If you want to have super special dining experience while in Anchorage my top recommendations for Seafood are:

  1. Seven Glaciers – Upscale and Fancy, but definitely delightful.  So amazing that I have a full review of it.
  2. Crow’s Nest – Upscale and Fancy with the best King Crab Legs in Town.  You can’t miss it or the review I have for you
  3. Simon and Seaford – Nice but more casual than the previous two, my favorite dish is Halibut Cheeks, something you won’t be able to try in many other places and they are to die for.
  4. Kincaid Grill – Located in a neighborhood street mall, don’t let it deceive you because this small place has huge flavors.  A local’s favorite has a great selection of Salmon, but my favorite is the Cioppino.
  5. Kinley’s – More down to earth restaurant located in midtown, has the best calamari steaks I’ve ever had and the macadamia nut crusted halibut is so yummy you would want to lick the plate.

Best Restaurants in AnchorageBreakfast and Brunch Favorites

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially if you are going to be touring around, right?

Among the Best Restaurants in Anchorage, there are some that specialize in breakfast and brunch, and they deserve a mention in this post.

  1. Snow City Cafe, right in downtown Anchorage has some amazing breakfast dishes and good coffee.  I personally like the quiche.
  2. South Restaurant, also listed in the next category has some of my favorite breakfast menus in town.  Huevos divorciados, Country Eggs Benedicts, and Madame Croque are my favorites. Of course, accompanied by a pomegranate mimosa.
  3. Bradley’s House, just across from South this little place has the best Irish Coffee in town and some super amazing crab benedicts. Yum Yum!

Cool Bars and Good Casual Food

When it comes to Cool Bars and Good Casual Food, I’m going to limit the selection to downtown Anchorage.  With that in mind, the restaurants that make my list of Best Restaurants in Anchorage are:

Best Restaurants in Anchorage
  1. 49th State Brewery, if you like me love avocado; you must try the avocado fries. OMG, they are delicious.  The burgers aren’t bad at all.
  2. Glacier Brewhouse. Known for their beers, also has a great selection of cocktails and pretty good casual food.  They also have one of the best kids menus downtown.
  3. Sullivan Steakhouse.  I’ll include Sullivan in a second post when I talk about steaks in Anchorage, but when it comes to bars Sullivan has an amazing blueberry lemon drop martini and the appetizers simply rock!  My favorites are the Philly cheese steak egg rolls, and the mini beef wellingtons.
  4. Whale’s Tale, located in the ground level of the Captain Cook Hotel, this bar has some super amazing wines.  As for the food, the sliders and the Chinese nachos are da bomb.
  5. Ginger is a little fancier than other places in this list, but I had to add it because the bar reminds me of a New York City Bar that got lost in Anchorage, Alaska.  Super chick, sophisticated and pricey.  Worth the visit!


  1. Ptarmigan – When I was pregnant with my youngest son, I was craving NY style pizza, and I was thankful I found this pizza joint because I found exactly what I was craving for.
  2. Great Alaska Pizza Company, if you just want some traditional pizza you should consider this joint.  It’s my son’s favorite and some Tuesdays they run a $5 large pepperoni pizza special.  You can’t beat that!
  3. Uncle Joe’s is my husband’s favorite pizza.  When I do think they take a long time to deliver or even for pick up, I have to agree this pizza is superb.  We like it with extra cheese.
  4. Moose’s Tooth is an Anchorage institution.  There is not a day of the year this place isn’t full.  The bad thing is they are good and they know it, and so they don’t take reservations.  This place has some pretty awesome and creative pizzas and beers too.  It’s sure not to disappoint you.  Also, depending when you are visiting Anchorage, they hold concerts in the parking lot as well, particularly around the summer solstice.


  1. I Luv Sushi, located on the South side of Anchorage, it’s the best bang for the price in my opinion.  The sushi is very fresh, the service is great and the prices are very affordable.  My favorites are the Waikiki roll and the rainbow roll.
  2. Sushi Garden, another Southside restaurant that offers great Sushi.  This one in a more traditional Japanese style seating.  My favorite is the Crunch Roll.
  3. Ronnie, a sushi restaurant with two locations (neither in downtown Anchorage), definitely make the list of best restaurants in Anchorage.  My favorite roll here is the Ronnie roll.

Best Restaurants in Anchorage

In Summary

Anchorage has some great restaurants and there are few of my favorite that I didn’t include in this list because they belong to other categories like Italian, Steakhouses, International, for example; for which I’ll be writing a part II to this article.

However, the truth is that you have here a list of pretty solid amazing restaurants that won’t disappoint your expectations while visiting Anchorage.

If Anchorage, Alaska is in your bucket list, don’t forget to take the leap of faith and plan your getaway to Anchorage.  Remember to travel more and travel often, because Life is a Getaway!

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